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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 6, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we'll show what you is going on in greece. violent protests and anger in the streets over greek lawmakers cutting $38 million from the budget. that means cut to pensions and paycheck and hikes in taxes to shore up the national economy in serious trouble. greece had to make the cuts to secure international loans. some experts we spoke with say this is probably not going to have a long term effect. >> greece was sort of the last train, if you will, that hadn't recovered yet and now that the economies have responded and helped to stabilize greece and i think we've hit the bottom point or soon we'll come back out of this as we start to recover and the economy starts to recover as well. >> well fortunately talbot doesn't see greece's problem spreading throughout europe. he said britain's economy is the nextiskiest. for the second day in a row, tough questions about the times square bombing.
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there is new information about how the suspect launched a run- through of his failed attack. and it was up to attorney general eric holder to explain what the government learned and what it doing to prevent another attack. >> as new video shot march 8th showed faisal shahzad buying fireworks, eric holder was on the hot seat, i'm be honest mr. holder, i'm not looking for suggestions, i'm looking for effort. >> reporter: he told senators that the suspect so far is talking to investigators. >> he has provided useful information and we'll continue to pursue a number of leads as we gather intelligence. >> reporter: but holder was pressed to explain why he was
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given his mir anda rights. >> it is true that every american has the right of a miranda warning. >> we made an exception before the miranda warning was given. >> why was he not taken into custody at the screening point at the gate, or in the jetway? >> he was not, while on the plane, necessarily a danger. he wept through all of the metal detectors and those things. >> reporter: but national security experts will tell you the time square case presents a new problem for cities like washington and new york. rather than just having to deal with large scale attacks from organizations like al-qaeda, individuals and small groups are also becoming a persistent problem. >> this guy looks like he volunteered himself to get something going in the united states. >> neal livingston, terror analyst, said reports that he tried a dry run of the attack
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showed he received training. >> he made a lot of mistakes. this was an imperfect effort. but they're going to learn from it. >> but the danger moving forward, that u.s. officials learn the lesson of this latest attempted attack before the terrorists do. >> now so far no other suspects have been identified but u.s. officials are on the money trail tonight. the question now is whether four groups in pakistan or elsewhere helped finance the plot and can the groups be tied to any other individuals that may be formulating plots of their own. >> tom fitzgerald live in the news room. someone on board of a gray house bus called 911 to report a explosive on board. the police evacuated buildings and streets and passengers exited the bus with hands in the air. the bus was en route to new york city. two trains loaded with
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passengers at metro nearly collided yesterday at the forest glenn station. the train operator came extremely close to hitting a parked rain. train was on manual control. the agency is still investigating how that happened. the agency that oversees needy children in d.c. is cutting its staff. it's in preparation for budget cuts that will down side the city government. many of the pink slips were handed out this morning. john henrehan has that story. >> the child and family services agency in d.c. is the first line of defense for children in need when someone calls in a tip. many are front line assistants to social workers. mary king has been doing this job for 14 years. >> yesterday i had to help two children and they were hungy. but every week i do this and i try to get them mcdonalds, but
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when there is none available i spend my money on them. >> reporter: many rift workers are long time city employees and they were stunned with at brunt dallas the abrupt dismissal. >> i spent 20 years here. >> reporter: fox 5 has learned that 150 workers will be rift. although 50 people will be hired for new positions. child and family services in d.c. got put under the microscope during the banita jacks case in which a mother was convicted of murder in connection with the deaths of her four daughters. a teacher had tried without success to get social services to aggressively intervene in the case. now they are downsizing by 15%. >> one administrator spoke with us off camera. >> they said the publicity wept up after the jacks case, but
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now the case load for child supervision in d.c. has declined by 47% since 2003. needy children in the city will remain safe despite the downsizing of child and family services. john henrehan, fox 5 news. a woman facing charges after the death of brian betts has been extradited to montgomery county. arturea williams has been charged with attempted theft and credit card fraud. investigators say he shoesed credit cards belonging to the principal. thrown teenagers are charged with his murder. a middle student is accused of shooting a classmate with a plastic pellet gun it morning at briggs cheney middle school in silver spring. the victim was taken to the hospital to be checked out. the student who fired the gun is charged with second-degree assault. in the gulf of mexico, crews are working on stopping
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the passionive oil leak. a giant containment box has been taken to the busted well. they're planning to lower it a mile under the water to cut off the crude but there are no guarantees. it's never been done before. but the president's cabinet is in the region monitoring the efforts. capping the leak is the number one priority. >> of course the big effort needs to be to stop the oil and every resource is being deployed to make sure that happens. >> personal are here responding in order to protect the shoreline and wildlife. >> the oil is now said to be creeping west of the mouth of the mississippi into an area receiving attention. and next we'll look at domestic violence and what needs to be done to stop it. plus the national day of prayer goes on despite a federal ruling. could this be the last one? and you don't have to go far to find one of the top
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travel spots of 2010. we'll check out the new list. the news edge at 6:00 will be right back. 
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relatives of murder university of virginia have set up a foundation in her name. the suspect, 22-year-old george haguely of chevy chase was arrested in florida of 2007 charged with possession of alcohol by a minor. he's now charged with first- degree murder. they once dated and though no details have been released about what was going on at the time love was killed, it does raise an important issue for young people. today on the fox 5 morning news an expert on dating violence explained there are usually red flags. >> dating by domestic violence is not just physical violence. there are warning signs. the mental and psychological abuse going on. in this case we heard stories
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and reports showing that george had a temper, issues with alcohol, law enforcement run- ins and altercations between the woman and the gentleman and so i think often we don't how to bring up this topic and we don't have the skills or the tools to be able to say, look, there is something going on to read the warning signs. >> lee says one in three teenagers are affected by dating violence and women between the ages of 16 and 24 are abused more than any other age group. a dramatic demonstration on capitol hill. 11 teenagers are killed in crashes every day. this demonstration was in support of a national bill requiring a three stage license that would restrict cell phone usage and teens won't get their full liceness until the age of 18. still ahead at 6:00, the
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head of spirit airlines meets with the feds about the couldn'tver sal -- controversial carry on fees. what he said up next.
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national day of prayer went on today but not without controversy. a federal court judge ruled its day unconstitutional and as jennifer davis reports the future of the service could be in serious doubt. >> reporter: in the shadow of the u.s. capital, a bible reading marathon marked the national day of prayer. >> we need to pray blessings upon our nation. >> in your holy name, amen. >> reporter: but even as they commemorate this day, many wonder if it is the last time they will do so. last month a federal court judge ruled it is unconstitutional because it amounts to a call for religious
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action. people can still mark the event until all appeals are exhausted and there the agnostics said people can pray quietly. >> they can pray without the interference of the national government. >> reporter: supports say all of this is a -- supporters say this is an assault on their religious freedom. >> it is this government that gives us the freedom to openly express or convictions in the public square. >> reporter: the obama administration is appealing the court ruling and the president has issued a prom lamb -- proclamation in support of the day. but he will not hold a service as president bush used to do. and everyone here donated
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to the trust of the national mall recreational project. they raised more than last year's event. mayor adrian fenty said the mall hasn't gotten enough attenti inches of its destinati national park. and look who has snow. inches. a winter weather advisory, getting up to 10 inches of snow. >> they already had 2-8 on the ground there, brian. >> you know what we call that? >> one more reason we don't live in south dakota. >> sometimes they call it the banana belt because it can snow and then be warm the next day. well we don't have to deal with that. but that was a rough day for them. most of the snow is over now. temperatures are in the 40s but that's part of the same system that will cool us down later in the weekend. it will get here saturday afternoon and surprisingly cool for a sunday with a little bit
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of a breeze. although many of you might find it a refreshing change. just about as perfect as it gets. we had a front come through early today. it came through dry but you might have noticed the breeze out there and if you're real sensitive you will notice a drop in dewpoint. clouds kind of disappeared and that means that tonight is going to be really refreshing. so if you've been running the air-conditioning, crack the windows open. friday dry and pleasant. a fantastic week. there is a slight shower or storm risk for saturday. a stronger couldn't coming through. and it's part of the energy affecting south dakota with snow. that system will power on through and that brings us to mother's day. it will be breezy and cooler. still a nice day. the sun will be back. and anything we see in the shower or thunderstorm department on saturday will be a pretty quick hitter during the midday. but all things considered, it's been real nice out there. and we want you to see that we have a frontal system.
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one or two very lonely thunderstorms moving off the northern neck of virginia. a frontal system will continue moving away and it is a dry one to be sure. and then this is the system that produced the snow across the dakotas. they've changed over to rain and it's still spinning, this upper level snow and there will be more snow when the temperature drops. that is the system we'll monitor as it heads in our direction with a stronger, more significant front on saturday. high temperature today 84 degrees. dallas 83. bwi marshall, 81 and it's still really nice out there now. probably still noticing the breeze. temperatures notice low 80s. mid-70s as we look north. but tonight we'll see the temperatures dropping and the winds will lighten up somewhat too. we're still getting gusts in the 20s and teens across the region. winds will get better as high pressure builds in but you'll notice the drop in temperatures. i would describe it as chilly in front royal and germantown, dropping into the mid-40s. d.c. about 56 degrees. and again, what we are expecting is mostly clear skies and a cooler night with 56
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degrees our projected low in the district and closer in suburbs and 40s to the north and west. tomorrow a cooler day, 77 degrees. a warm breeze out of the south at 10-15 miles per hour. and here is a look at your weekend forecast. for saturday we'll include the chance of a shower or storm. not a huge chance. but with that front coming through, we can't rule it out. 76 degrees on saturday. and then cooler for mother's day with a little bit of a breeze. that's 66 degrees will feel closer to 60 degrees. so you can definitely get rid of the air-conditioning. taking you into the future. there will be a warm front on the map tomorrow. we won't sample it until later in the day. saturday morning the front starts out dry. as it moves through the noon hour, it starts to develop showers along and just ahead of the front. but it keeps on moving pretty quickly. and then the snow in the mountains cool enough for flakes on saturday and into sunday and the chilly air will be -- will be in place for mother's day. and here is the five-day
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forecast. up and down but still mostly good and mostly dry. 77 degrees tomorrow. a cooler day. but nice. 76 on saturday. we'll watch for a few showers and storms in the middle part of the day. mostly in the early afternoon. we drop to 49 at night. mother's day 66 degrees, brian. and we keep temperatures on the cooler side but still very pleasant for this time of year monday into tuesday. >> hopefully the showers will be quick on saturday. >> it looks like they will be. and not everybody will see them. >> thank you, sue. you don't have to go far to find one of the top travel hot spots. just take a look outside. trip advisor named d.c. the fourth best destination in the u.s. for 2010. ranking is based on customer reviews and opinions. here is a look at the other cities. san francisco, number one. followed by lake tahoe, san diego, and d.c. and chicago rounding out the top five. and the ceo of spirit airlines met with ray la hood today and made a promise. he agreed to plainly disclose the carry on fees to
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passengers. they are not going away. the airline has taken a lot of heat. they will charge up to $45 for each carry on piece of luggage. we have a consumer alert. another glitch revealed with facebook and this time it can reveal your private conversations. facebook shut down its online chats because others could see private convertations. the chat option is working again. the online site is also facing criticism for changing privacy settings. about 400 million people use facebook. a former redskins quarterback. plus tiger back in action in florida. we'll see how his day went on the link, next in sports. doctr through e-mail. test results from home. check records. changeointments. now doctors, nurses,
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lawrence taylor has been arraigned on rape and prostitution charges in an assault on a 16-year-old runaway. police say the girl was brought to taylor's new york hotel room against her will. a judge set bail at $75,000. the former new york giants linebacker was arrested early thursday at a holiday inn in new york. he was charged with third- degree rape and third-degree patronizing a prostitute. authorities said the year was 16, one year below the level age -- the legal age in new york. the raiders released jamarcus russell today. marked -- marked his big busts. but it's good news for jason campbell, acquired in a trade two weeks ago. they showed confidence in campbell by extending his contract through 2011 and it appears he has found a team
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where he can start. nats and braves tonight in a rubber match of the three- game set. the braves will send hudson against the nats scott olson. 9 innings insufficient to settle the issue last note. bottom 2, ian desmond showing his pop. it ties the game at 2. but we go the extra inning. tied at 6. and matt die as goes the other way. brandon hicks will score. the nats drop one in 10 innings to the braves 12 and 6. but they're playing well. isn't that right, adam dunn? >> i think we're going to get better. but i think we have some guys aren't playing as well as we're capable of playing and yet we're still managing to be around 500. so hopefully the pitching will be where it's going to be, there is no telling what's going to happen.
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>> very true. they are playing great. last night, a first for d.c. united. danny al stop becomes the first australian to score in history. he liked it so much. he did it again. d.c. united gets in the win column for the first time i games. and do you think that's a gator or a crocodile? >> a gator. >> but there is also a tiger looking. woods on the par 3, just a pitching wedge, and safe. whoa. he's 3 under parr for 17 and three shots off the lead. jb holmes is the clubhouse leading at 6 under. brian, i get nervous watching the island green because i know that my ball would be heading for the water quickly. >> haven't you played it? >> i haven't. i playd it on the computer but never in real life. >> i agree. although it's only a wedge. you think he could hit it.
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over to saw palka with a look at our beautiful forecast. >> and you wouldn't watch me near that place with the gators roaming around. it looks like a great day again tomorrow. 77 degrees. saturday the only interruption may be a line of thunderstorms that quickly move through in the afternoon. we'll be cooler on sunday at 66 and monday still on the chilly side as well as tuesday when you consider that now it's around 72 degrees we'll enjoy the warm days while we have them. and now you have the news edge. the news is always on at we're back here tonight at 10:00. the news edge at 11:00. have a fantastic night and then come see us later this evening.
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